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Legal Secretary and Paralegal Training

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Comprehensive Training & Books

Law Firms are looking for staff who know civil litigation and how to work with the court systems. This includes state, federal, and appeals courts. Debbie Brooks is the author and instructor who has written over 11 books and holds about 10 classes in Seattle. The schedule rotates and the most popular classes are held monthly. Some classes come with desk-reference manuals or you can purchase her books separately. The 39 County Civil Motion Manual for Superior Courts is her most popular book.

Litigation 101 and 201 are the most popular classes in Seattle. You can also take a class on civil motions which will help you with this complicated topic as she makes it simple for you. If you need to learn the court of appeals or federal court procedures, she can train you on those as well. If you need to learn how to be more efficient and productive at work, there's a class for this too.


Meet Our Instructor, Author & Publisher

Debbie Brooks will provide you with one-on-one instruction. She has been an author and instructor since 1985. She has more than 30 years experience as a legal secretary/assistant and knows what the law firms need on the job. 

About the Instructor

At legalsecretary.com, Debbie Brooks provides in-depth legal training. Seattle and Tacoma law firms send their employees to Debbie's Seattle classes which are held monthly at Seattle Deposition Reporters in One Union Square. Her classes provide an opportunity for law firm employees to be promoted as they learn new things or for those who need to stay current on Washington law.

Most attorneys practice civil litigation and these classes, books and online courses train you how to work with the courts.

Courts change rules and procedures every year, so we strive to stay up-to-date by teaching the newest methods. Our live classes are held in downtown Seattle, with convenient parking underneath the building.

Debbie has done volunteer work with local bar associations and national associations for legal staffing.